Back Office Automation With RPA Technology

Back Office Automation With RPA Technology

It happens in every organization. A day arrives when you have to choose between adding staff just to enter data and handle documents, or you finally decide to automate.

Today, intelligent process automation makes it an even easier choice to automate the routine and focus your staff for higher-value work.

Scaling Back Office Operations: Old Problem, New Solutions

The biggest challenges companies face when it comes to back office processes, including vendor invoice and customer sales order handling, isn’t just volume—it’s velocity.

Which means that the clock is ticking the moment your customer places and order, or your vendor submits an invoice. A sales order that isn’t processed efficiently potentially impacts cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Vendor invoice processing delays potentially translates into a lack of timely data related to general ledger accruals—which again, can impact cash management.

As companies grow, keeping up with the influx of documents and transactions can become a real pain point. Inevitably, after an accounts payable or sales operations team has added a few additional staff members just to enter data, and still struggles to keep up, the question arises: “Isn’t there a better way?”

A BETTER Way than Manual Data Entry and Document Handling

The good news is that there IS—one that continues to get even better. That’s because process automation technology has gotten smarter, and easier to implement.

Rather than relying on code- and customization-heavy deployments, today’s intelligent process automation solutions can be implemented quickly, in a way that can learn and adapt to changing business conditions.

That means that you can put a system like InvoiceAction (for vendor invoices) or OrderAction (for sales orders) from Artsyl Technologies and, in as little as 90 days:

  • Fully automate gathering orders/invoices and related transaction documents
  • Extract relevant transaction data from those documents (vendor/customer info, transaction details)
  • Validate the data against your Sage or Intacct ERP records
  • Automatically match documents like quotes/orders/invoices/receipts and flag duplicates
  • Intelligently route invoices/other documents for approval/coding to the right person
  • Instantly create records within your ERP from the approved transactions

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Online Intake Forms –  the Newest Trend in Healthcare

Online Intake Forms – the Newest Trend in Healthcare

Digital intake forms are the future of the check-in process. They help practices save time and money all while improving both security and the patient experience.

Practices are now sending customized, digital check-in forms to their patients. Patients can then view and complete the check-in process all on their mobile device or personal computer.

In many cases, they don’t even need access to a portal or an app.

Does your practice want to…

Cut costs? Did you know that most practices spend up to 3 hours on the patient intake process for just one patient?

That’s a huge labor burden on the part of the medical office staff. Our MediForm process takes less than a minute per patient.

Save time? Automating the intake process helps expand the patient intake bottleneck to allow for a better patient flow.

The check-in process is one of the major weak points  within any healthcare organization. The entire days appointment flow can be thrown off by just one or two mishaps!

Improve accuracy? Up to 61% of claim denials result from demographic or technical errors. These are manual errors like transposed digits, illegible handwriting, etc. that end up costing healthcare organizations more time and money.

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Connect legally binding digital signatures with JobRouter

Connect legally binding digital signatures with JobRouter

With JobRouter® Version 5, you can now trigger a signature event from any process, send it to internal employees or external partners for approval or signature and then archive it in a revision-proof manner.

The integrated solution is based on the eSignAnywhere technology of the certified trust service provider Namirial.

This means that users benefit from two mature and trustworthy solutions that are perfectly networked.

With JobRouter Sign they map efficient business processes without media discontinuity and benefit from unambiguity, transparency and conformity in their daily work.

Check Out The JobRouter Sign Video


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Empowering AP Departments with PSIGEN

Empowering AP Departments with PSIGEN

Endless paperwork. Tedious busywork. Grunt work. The daily grind. Office drudgery. Manual labor. Soul-crushing monotony.

What do you call having to process AP invoices by hand?

Since 1995, PSIGEN has been to eliminating mundane tasks by empowering people with document automation solutions – from capture to workflow to document management – and AP departments are one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Highest & Best Use of Your Employees

In real estate, the term “highest and best use” refers to the maximum value a specific property can have – like a parking lot vs. a skyscraper in Manhattan. Both take up the same square footage, but one has far more value than the other.

The same holds true for people, and we believe in empowering people and letting technology do the rest. Work doesn’t have to be a soul-killing exercise in meaningless repetition.

Knowledge workers on your accounting team shouldn’t have to be saddled with data entry, manual approvals, and the printing and filing of paper – hallmarks of a job that offers little satisfaction and advancement possibilities.

This is also a perfect recipe for employee turnover, especially for younger employees. Just try recruiting Millennials in this type of role… good luck!

AP Automation to the Rescue

Accounts payable automation is an opportunity for you to inspire your employees and encourage them to think and solve problems to generate more value for your organization by eliminating the grunt work.

PSIGEN’s AP automation technology enables you to boost productivity 300-400% by automating repetitive tasks like data entry, making information instantly and securely accessible throughout your enterprise, and delivering real-time, actionable data to your executive team.

PSIcapture alone typically does the work of five AP clerks so if you have 6 AP clerks, you only need one going forward – possibly on a part-time basis. Additionally, invoice processing time typically drops from 7-14+ days to 1-2 days per invoice, allowing you to capture early payment discounts.

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Challenges faced by Field Services companies

Challenges faced by Field Services companies

The Field Services market has seen significant growth in recent years: assessed at a value of $1.78 billion in 2016, it is expected to reach $4.45 billion by 2022 (Stratistics).

And that doesn’t mean just big companies. Small and medium-size businesses are also part of the equation! In fact, Gartner has predicted that software solutions for managing Field Services will help smaller companies grow. Considering that around 52% of service companies still rely on paper processes, they have everything to gain by adopting better tools and optimizing their practices. Here are a few options to help them.

Challenges facing Field Services companies

The problems reported by employees of Field Services companies are mainly related to tools not being fast enough and a lack of information needed to perform their job efficiently.

To address this problem, they need effective and reliable tools— in contrast to the time-consuming manual processes that can cost a great deal of time to employees on the road. Those manual processes also entail a significant risk of errors and lost papers. If customers sign on paper to acknowledge delivery at the door, the company has to wait until the delivery person brings the paperwork to the office before it can be processed and billing can be triggered.

The same applies to customers who have gotten used to prompt digital communications. If too much time goes by between the delivery and the billing, problems could arise, not only in terms of the customer experience but in terms of the company’s cash flow.

The solution: managing data directly in the field

The solution would be for these companies to use a mobile app or tablet. Seventy-five percent of those businesses with more than 50 users have either begun the process or are planning to do so.

It gives workers easy access to their schedule at all times, as well as the ability to communicate in real time with head office. If something comes up, they can directly advise the office and correct the information in the system if needed.

To discover three benefits to using a data management solution in the field, read the full blog article on the PlanetPress website by clicking here.