Digital intake forms are the future of the check-in process. They help practices save time and money all while improving both security and the patient experience.

Practices are now sending customized, digital check-in forms to their patients. Patients can then view and complete the check-in process all on their mobile device or personal computer.

In many cases, they don’t even need access to a portal or an app.

Does your practice want to…

Cut costs? Did you know that most practices spend up to 3 hours on the patient intake process for just one patient?

That’s a huge labor burden on the part of the medical office staff. Our MediForm process takes less than a minute per patient.

Save time? Automating the intake process helps expand the patient intake bottleneck to allow for a better patient flow.

The check-in process is one of the major weak points  within any healthcare organization. The entire days appointment flow can be thrown off by just one or two mishaps!

Improve accuracy? Up to 61% of claim denials result from demographic or technical errors. These are manual errors like transposed digits, illegible handwriting, etc. that end up costing healthcare organizations more time and money.

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