The Field Services market has seen significant growth in recent years: assessed at a value of $1.78 billion in 2016, it is expected to reach $4.45 billion by 2022 (Stratistics).

And that doesn’t mean just big companies. Small and medium-size businesses are also part of the equation! In fact, Gartner has predicted that software solutions for managing Field Services will help smaller companies grow. Considering that around 52% of service companies still rely on paper processes, they have everything to gain by adopting better tools and optimizing their practices. Here are a few options to help them.

Challenges facing Field Services companies

The problems reported by employees of Field Services companies are mainly related to tools not being fast enough and a lack of information needed to perform their job efficiently.

To address this problem, they need effective and reliable tools— in contrast to the time-consuming manual processes that can cost a great deal of time to employees on the road. Those manual processes also entail a significant risk of errors and lost papers. If customers sign on paper to acknowledge delivery at the door, the company has to wait until the delivery person brings the paperwork to the office before it can be processed and billing can be triggered.

The same applies to customers who have gotten used to prompt digital communications. If too much time goes by between the delivery and the billing, problems could arise, not only in terms of the customer experience but in terms of the company’s cash flow.

The solution: managing data directly in the field

The solution would be for these companies to use a mobile app or tablet. Seventy-five percent of those businesses with more than 50 users have either begun the process or are planning to do so.

It gives workers easy access to their schedule at all times, as well as the ability to communicate in real time with head office. If something comes up, they can directly advise the office and correct the information in the system if needed.

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