Endless paperwork. Tedious busywork. Grunt work. The daily grind. Office drudgery. Manual labor. Soul-crushing monotony.

What do you call having to process AP invoices by hand?

Since 1995, PSIGEN has been to eliminating mundane tasks by empowering people with document automation solutions – from capture to workflow to document management – and AP departments are one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Highest & Best Use of Your Employees

In real estate, the term “highest and best use” refers to the maximum value a specific property can have – like a parking lot vs. a skyscraper in Manhattan. Both take up the same square footage, but one has far more value than the other.

The same holds true for people, and we believe in empowering people and letting technology do the rest. Work doesn’t have to be a soul-killing exercise in meaningless repetition.

Knowledge workers on your accounting team shouldn’t have to be saddled with data entry, manual approvals, and the printing and filing of paper – hallmarks of a job that offers little satisfaction and advancement possibilities.

This is also a perfect recipe for employee turnover, especially for younger employees. Just try recruiting Millennials in this type of role… good luck!

AP Automation to the Rescue

Accounts payable automation is an opportunity for you to inspire your employees and encourage them to think and solve problems to generate more value for your organization by eliminating the grunt work.

PSIGEN’s AP automation technology enables you to boost productivity 300-400% by automating repetitive tasks like data entry, making information instantly and securely accessible throughout your enterprise, and delivering real-time, actionable data to your executive team.

PSIcapture alone typically does the work of five AP clerks so if you have 6 AP clerks, you only need one going forward – possibly on a part-time basis. Additionally, invoice processing time typically drops from 7-14+ days to 1-2 days per invoice, allowing you to capture early payment discounts.

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