Automate and personalizes your
outbound transactional communications

One tool with many possibilities

Think of a workflow as being a pipe. Data and documents are falling down that pipe and you can make clever decisions about what’s going to happen to those documents. Whatever needs to happen to your document can be automated. The drag and drop interface lets you easily create and manage document workflows that fit your organisational logic. 

Images, dynamic graphics, data from print streams, databases, XML files or any other text based format stored anywhere, can be read by PlanetPress and easily mapped onto a document. Being adaptive and customisable is what this software is all about.

Automate Archiving

Create an index file for any document created, making it easy to retrieve information and automatically file documents with a barcode during scanning.

Automate Distribution

Send an email or a printed communication in a single job, it’s why PlanetPress is built an adaptive and customizable toolset that you can play with. 

Automate Mail

PlanetPress Connect can recognize information intended for the same person, merges it into a single envelope, and helps you save you on postage.

Nobody knows what you need better than you

Objectif Lune’s development philosophy is all about freeing our customers from captive environments.

That’s why PlanetPress is built as a toolset that you can customise. Being adaptive and customisable is what this software is all about.

These workflow tools offers numerous easy to use built-in objects to simplify connecting to, and communicating with, almost any application.

Case Studies

PlanetPress Use Cases

Automate you business communications with digital transformation solutions from PlanetPress.

It allows you to create, manage, distribute and automate transactional documents while solving the challenge of integrating systems.

Gaz Métro

Learn how Gaz Métro saves time and costs by not using in-house staff for changing invoice layouts and can focus resources on other tasks that drive revenue.


A legal firm that employs over 2,300 people, gained control over it business processes and managed to offer a consistent customer experience using PlanetPress

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