Linking your processes, documents and data in one feature-rich platform

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JobRouter digitally connects your business processes, documents and data in so you can focus on what matters: creating value. It utilizes an easy-to-use workflow management platform that’s both powerful and flexible enough to automate business tasks seamlessly. No problem is too big or small when all your work is digitally integrated in one place.

JobRouter plays a key role in creating certifiable processes that can be adapted quickly across all applications and deployed on site or in the cloud. That means it can become the knowledge center and interface for everything from office applications to the production floor.

Automate Processes

Convert any manual or paper-based procedures into automated and consistent processing of applications, forms, approvals, service reports, invoices, requests, and corrective actions.

Extract Documents

JobRouter facilitates the conversion of documents, extracts the content and then uploads it into a readable format so it can interact with other systems, data and documents in your business.

Integrate Existing Systems

Use the applications and processes you already have in place to integrate with JobRouter’s processes and modules, allowing your business to unleash its full potential. 

Turn Processes Into Assets

JobRouter does much more than just connect your documents and data.

It’s advanced system integration and automation processes reduce costs, increase efficiency, and digitally transform any organization.

This is bigger than just a platform, its a new way of doing business.

Case Studies

JobRouter Case Studies

JobRouter​ ​​transforms business processes for tangible BPM and DPA Business Benefits​ ​such as improved operating efficiency, lower costs, increased service and product innovation and ​a better bottom line. 

Learn how these companies digitally transformed their businesses using JobRouter.


Learn why the Berlin-based mobility service provider has digitized the assignment and control of automotive orders to their customers.

Schott Tubing

Learn how one of the world’s leading specialty glass manufacturers transformed their business through process improvement.

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