Formed AI

Delivering a platform for business increasing
productivity and lower operating costs

Designed to automate vital business processes

The Formed AI integration platform facilitates automated, bi-directional data exchange between business platforms. This eliminates manual data entry processes and data duplication, while reducing the number of costly errors.

This data integration can be performed over numerous touch points to streamline vital business processes. Formed AI end-to-end integration solution enables invoice data, inventory levels, product data, shipping updates, and customer information to move seamlessly between systems, resulting in satisfied customers and efficient operations.

Robotic Automation

The fastest and most efficient way to acquire, enhance, and deliver information – especially from websites and web portals into enterprise applications and decision-making process.

Eliminate Data Entry

This automated data integration can be performed over numerous touch points to streamline vital business processes, eliminating manual data entry processes and data duplication.

Simplified Migrations

Allows businesses to spend more time focusing on core business needs – which simplifies the integration process letting businesses focus resources on core business needs.

Intelligent Patient Portal - saving time and lowering costs

Our innovative process allows the medical office to craft a custom form easily and securely. The patient can then input the information ahead of time, or in the office waiting room.

All of the information is securely encrypted and communicated to the insurance company, where benefits are instantly verified.

Case Studies

DocuWare Use Cases

Secure information and workflows with a zero-compromise solution through DocuWare.

Gain thousands of hours of productivity and eliminate paper from your business while saving time and money with DocuWare’s solutions.

GE Capital Bank

See how DocuWare helped a leading financial institution in Poland cut their credit retrieval and search time from 24 hours down to a few seconds.

Toshiba Business Solutions

Learn how the office equipment provider improved their cash-flow by $4 million a month and saved $1.25 Million annually with DocuWare.

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