Establish a new pace for innovation by transforming into a digital-first business.

From digitization to business agility

DocuWare is the platform that empowers you to capture, process and use your business information. Keep your teams fluid and productive, automate document workflows in any organization, and protect data and documents with secure, centralized archiving.

DocuWare offers comprehensive features for digitizing information and business processes through public cloud services, traditional on-premises deployments, and a range of hybrid solutions. Get complete document management and workflow automation and launch into new levels of productivity.

Drive Efficiency

Build configurable, ad-hoc workflows for smarter work environments. Increase capacity and add document management capabilities quickly, using current resources.

Remove Risk

Implement rules, logic and standards that secure and enhance control over business-critical information. Immediately flag exceptions for rapid, focused response.

Improve Profits

Go beyond bottom-line efficiency: leverage your new page of performance on innovative work that contributes to top-line growth, revenue and increased profitability.

Perfect the processes at the heart of your business

DocuWare does much more than just taking your physical documents and converting them to a digital format.

It’s a digital transformation to take your business to the next level that results in digital-first thinking, knowledge worker empowerment, secure automation, and enhanced business agility.

Case Studies

DocuWare Use Cases

Secure information and workflows with a zero-compromise solution through DocuWare.

Gain thousands of hours of productivity and eliminate paper from your business while saving time and money with DocuWare’s solutions.

Fletcher Jones Mercedes

See how the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer in the USA uses DocuWare to improve access to information  provide superior customer service.

Jaya Apparel Group

Learn how an apparel designer increased employee efficiency while eliminating double data entries tol improve their bottom line.

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