Artsyl Technologies

Transforming manual document-based business processes through Intelligent Process Automation

Making the complex simple

Artsyl Technologies is dedicated to helping of organizations worldwide of all sizes transform their operations and overcome the internal process obstacles that prevent them from achieving higher levels of performance, efficiency and employee/customer satisfaction.

Smart process applications built on top of the docAlpha platform deliver “out of the box” functionality for common, high-volume, data and document-dependent processes like vendor invoice, customer sales order and medical claims processing. This that supports better decisions and improved cycle times.

Capture Automation

Artsyl automatically captures, classifies and sorts large volumes of structured and semi-structured documents, extracting and validating useful data with business rules.

Smart Process Automation

Cost-effectively and efficiently automate a wide range of business processes with an easy to use – rules based engine that takes the pain out of manual business processes.

ECM Integrations

If you’re already relying on a content management system to store enterprise documents, Artsyl can help you get even more out of your investment with powerful enterprise system integrations.

Powerful intelligence with docAlpha from Artsyl

Document and data capture software provides a platform that allows organizations to automatically collect large volumes of data.

Intelligently extract, organize, manage and leverage data from existing documents and files quickly and easily with an automated data capture system.

Case Studies

Artsyl Use Cases

See how clients improve business decisions while streamlining processes by implementing solutions from Artsyl.

This helps them grow without increasing staff and employees.


Avanti Restaurant Group

Learn how Avanti Restaurant Group creates a seamless process for managing vendor invoices with solutons from Artsyl.

Parmalat Dairy

Canada’s largest Dairy food processor improves cash flow, cuts costs & streamlines proof of delivery processes.

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