ancora Software

Delivering simple, easy to use and scalable business process automation solutions.

Business automation doesn’t have to be complex

Good software should just work. That’s the motto at ancora Software –  and they back that that up by making products easy to install and configure. No complicated or time consuming setup.

ancoraDocs software enables companies around the world to dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies surrounding manual data entry—as well as other related processes. This eliminates hours of manual data entry while improving productivity and accuracy throughout the enterprise.

Cloud Ready

Browser based and a distributed architecture makes cloud deployments easier than ever. ancoraDocs can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid offering.

Automatic Classification

Simply provide a few samples and ancoraDocs Enterprise learns the rest. It even can automatically detect where documents start and stop and identify them by type based on content and layout.

Flexible Outputs

A wide range of pre-built and custom outputs are available to deliver images and related date using a format that clients need to ingest this information into their line of business applications.

How ancora Software eliminates complexity and costs

Manual data entry creates an often-hidden cost, as the task of keying data is usually dispersed across departments and employees. However, it extracts a real price in terms of lost productivity and increased labor costs.

AncoraDocs removes that burden by automating data entry. Other hidden costs stemming from data inaccuracies, manual document sorting, filing, and more are also eliminated with automation.

Data Sheets

Delivering value

Secure information and workflows with a zero-compromise solution through DocuWare.

Gain thousands of hours of productivity and eliminate paper from your business while saving time and money with DocuWare’s solutions.

Invoice Automation

Automatically learn data fields by using custom machinelearning algorithms without endless hours of building scanning templates.

Forms Processing

Forms are automatically sorted utilizing neural networks based on pattern and text into specific classes for data extraction.

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